Boosting Financial Stability: 3 Key Strategies for Australian Medical Practices’ Cashflow Optimisation

Medical practices are the backbone of healthcare delivery, providing essential services to patients in Australia.  However, financial stability is crucial for the sustainability and growth of these practices.  In this blog article, we will explore three key strategies aimed specifically at Australian medical practices, helping them enhance cashflow and achieve long-term financial success.  By implementing […]

I Need a Pay Rise!

It’s July, start of a new financial year. For some it’s time to take time off, for others a time to reflect on the year that was and what we need to do for the coming one. I am no different, so, let’s do a little reflecting. At Venta, most of our focus for the […]

Working From Home Expenses – New Fixed Rate

If you don’t wish to use the revised fixed-rate method for calculating your working from home claims, you can still use the actual costs method instead – this involves calculating and documenting in detail the actual expenses you incur. There is a the new revised fixed-rate method for calculating working from home expenses that will […]