The Passive Income Accelerator™

The goal of the accelerator is to help legal professionals to achieve financial freedom by generating over $100K in passive income in less than 15 years, without taking unnecessary risks through a tax wealth sequencing method.

✗ Buy Another property✓ Construct Portfolio Framework
✗ Get a Tax Deduction✓ Minimise NOW/Future Tax
✗ Set up a Tax Structure✓ Multi Structure for Lifetime
✗ Get Another Loan✓ Debt Structure to Match Income Plan
✗ Buy More Shares✓ Balance Tax/Dividend/Growth
✗ Save More Money✓ Leverage Cost Dollar Averaging
✗ Learn From Every Expert✓ ONE Life/Wealth Sequence Plan
✗ More Debt Taking Away Cashflow✓ Balance Life vs Wealth
✗ More Asset with No Income✓ Income Driven Portfolio
✗ Not Able To Retire Early✓ Early Retirement Passive Income 


For legal professionals who are tired of listening to different experts that do not align with your personal timeline, income projections, tax implications, and key life events to create a coherent wealth journey. 

We’ve served over 120 clients and saved over $1M in tax. 

This is not for someone who is not serious about building a substantial passive income of over $100K in 15 years or less, it’s not for individuals seeking a quick fix or get rich strategy.


This method enables you to maximise the growth of your assets, minimise the taxes on your earnings, and reduce capital gains tax on the sale of your personal and business assets, ultimately monetise assets for income purpose only.

It requires you to have different structures for the wealth-building start, accumulation and monetisation phase. An inappropriate placement of your assets in each structure would result in you over paying taxes to the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”), rather than contributing to your passive income.


There are different asset classes such as stock, fixed income, cash or alternatives, but a portfolio generally consists of growth and income assets.

For example, a house and land with development (Growth Asset), may offer significant growth but with little income. Selling it could yield large gains but also trigger substantial capital gains tax. 

Conversely, an apartment rental property (Income Asset) with a strong yield will provide you with cash flow, thus incurring tax liabilities on your income, but it may not offer much in terms of growth.


There are two sequences for minimising your taxes.

The first is what we call the “NOW TAX.” These taxes increase your cash flow immediately for the current financial year only. They typically consist of 10% of total tax savings. The majority of tax savings fall under the category of “FUTURE TAX.”

There are four main types of future taxes: tax on personal income and business profit (1), capital gains tax on personal assets and business exits (2), land tax on investment property (3) and tax on retirement (4). This is where 90% of tax savings occur, primarily based on the trajectory of your asset or business growth and the associated taxes. These taxes are not yet crystallised, but they can result in tens of thousands of dollars being paid to the ATO.

Our strategy is not merely another ‘magic tax’ for quick riches. Although, 95% of the time, we can easily identify such opportunities and we are pretty good at it. But really, our strategy is the about allocation of resources that are limited against unlimited options by considering the right assets, structures, and tax strategies at each sequence of your wealth journey to achieve your passive income.


There are two passive income sequences: one before retirement and one after retirement: 

To achieve early passive income before retirement, you must structure your assets in a way that is income-driven and minimises tax on earnings, especially if you have other income sources at the same time. 

For passive income after retirement, you will need a legal structure that maximises growth through non-income-generating assets, and a transition structure that allows you to convert growth asset into income-producing assets with proper capital gains tax planning, as this event could trigger the largest tax liability and biggest wealth at a later stage.


If all goes well, and you follow the system and put in the work, the journey would typically take 10 to 15 years to achieve a passive income of $100K per annum, with the majority of it being tax-free.

Within 30 Days: You can expect to have all strategies drawn up, compiled into a life map report and presented to you.

Within 60 Days: You can expect to have initiated over 70% of your strategy implementation. We will also discuss whether you require ongoing support during this time.

Within 12 months: You can expect to have an ongoing system in place to monitor and track your progress towards your ultimate passive income goal.

These results represent an average for our clients, meaning half of our clients perform better than this benchmark, while the other half perform below it.


The process is simple, but not necessarily easy. It requires a shift in mindset from spending to building, and from random wealth building activity to strategically sequencing your wealth and income journey.

However, it will require significantly less work compared to doing it on your own.

The system is designed to eliminate guesswork because we have gone through over 100s of iterations of trial and error.

We have fully validated our model, optimising every dollar earned and saved to allocate them in the best possible way, considering the limitations against the unlimited options available.