9 Money Rules to Build Wealth

Everyday we all face having to make decisions around money.  Should I pay off my debt, should I buy a house, should I invest in the stock market, property, whatever, the list goes on.  To make the kind of life-changing wealth we want, we need to start by narrowing down on our options so we […]


Today we are talking all things dividends.  If you have a company within your structure and want to understand better how dividends work to save you tax and manage your wealth, then this article is for you. With the tax planning season well and truly in swing, understanding how the payment of dividends work is […]

Everything You Need to Know About Companies

I love companies. Of all the structures available to businesses in Australia, companies are by far and away my favourite. Today I’m going to try and make you love them as much as I do. So what is a company? To understand what a company or a “corporate form” is means understanding 2 key concepts.  […]

9 Ways to Guarantee a Cashflow Problem in Your Business

I have a pretty dry sense of humour, and hopefully you take the approach taken with this week’s topic in the spirit in which it is intended…with humour.  Yes these are serious problems, but sometimes, we need to view them from a different stand point and humour can help.  There are so many problem solvers […]

Hiring Your First Employee

Right, so a question I get asked A LOT is around hiring your first employee.  When to do it, how to afford it, which role to recruit for first?  So if these are some of the questions which have been keeping you awake at night, then this article is for you. We will start at […]

FBT on cars

Hi, today we’re talking about ways to save you money so you can spend it on other things.  Are you in the market for a new car and you own a business? Wouldn’t it be great to buy it through the business? You can claim all the expenses, you can claim the interest on the […]

Tax Tips 2024

Let’s not miss out on tax planning opportunities in 2024 by missing the deadline!  Today we will be looking at using these strategies to help with planning for and reducing taxes:  using losses to help reduce tax, deferring income, using negative gearing and investments and reviewing your business structure.  We’ll also quickly look at when […]

Money Management Tips for Small Business

Money Management Advice for Small Business in Australia Ever wondered why the failure rate of businesses is so high?  Are you too afraid to start your own business because you’re worried about failing?  Do you lie in bed at night worrying about how to manage the cash in your business? Don’t worry, because today I […]

Your Guide to Small Business Success

Has your business hit a barrier which you just can’t seem to break through?  Are you thinking of starting your own business and want to know how to be successful? Do you know someone who started their own business and it kind of, went nowhere?  If you want to know the secret to making your […]

How to Write a Business Plan

According to data coming out of the Australian Bureau of statistics, around 20% of new businesses will fail in their first year.  Of those who survived their first 12 months, a whopping 60% will fail by year 3. So what is going on, why is the failure rate of those going into business for themselves […]