9 Ways to Guarantee a Cashflow Problem in Your Business

I have a pretty dry sense of humour, and hopefully you take the approach taken with this week’s topic in the spirit in which it is intended…with humour.  Yes these are serious problems, but sometimes, we need to view them from a different stand point and humour can help.  There are so many problem solvers […]

6 Tips to Improving Cashflow

Do you feel as though Christmas has left your small business with a massive hole in your pocket, as your cashflow has taken a nose dive?  Implementing these 6 things into your processes will help turn that around and get you onto the path for financial success.  You may not even need to implement all […]

Do you have a plan?

How and Why to Complete Your Business Plan Are you a planner or a fly by the seat of your pants type of person?  Me?  I’m a planner, I like to know where I’m going, how I’m going to get there, what time I need to leave, what time I’ll be arriving, everything.  I live […]

What Do You Want Out of the Business?

How Long-term Goals Affect Cashflow There are so many things to think about when starting a business, so much so that the plan of what to do with it when you have had enough is often overlooked, if it’s even been thought about.  This is very natural, after all, when you set the business up […]

The Importance of Positive Cashflow

Why Cashflow is Important I could wax lyrical for hours about how important it is to maintain a positive cashflow, after all, the main reason businesses (of any size) fail, is because of poor cashflow.  But the reality is, the topic is pretty boring and would probably not hold your attention for much more than […]

How to measure the performance of your business

How To Tell if Your Business is Performing Knowing how your business is performing can be hard.  Most of us have a gut feel of how we are going but for many, that gut feel doesn’t kick in for a couple of years when we have something to compare against.  And let’s be honest with […]

Are you getting the most out of your business?

Why You Should be Benchmarking Your Business When you’re at the gym, what or who do you compare yourself against?  Is it the fittest hottest person in the room who probably spends every waking moment there (and you wonder why you can’t achieve the same results with your perhaps 1 hour every…week?).  Is it your […]

What is Cashflow

What is Cashflow? What Keeps YOU Up at Night? When people ask me what I do for a living, I used to tell them I’m a tax specialist (yawn), then the more blunt response from them would be “so you’re an accountant then” (double yawn) which is an almost immediate conversation-ender. But nowadays I say […]