Most of us keep our business and private information on computers.  These are either desktops machines, linked to a network or free-standing, or a mobile device.  During the day we tend not to give a lot of thought to security.  We just assume that what we need is there when we want it.

But imagine the scenarios.  You cannot access your business contact list.  You want to send out invoices but have lost all the sales records.  Where is my laptop, have I left it on the train?

Let’s just think for a minute about these situations.

When you can’t access data, it can either be a system failure or a cyber-attack.  These days, the chances are you have been the victim of an attack.  Surely not, I can hear you say, my business is not big enough to attract attention.  Cyber criminals would be going after large companies and government departments, wouldn’t they?

No they wouldn’t unfortunately.  Small to medium businesses are the target of 43% of all cybercrimes.  Worse, 87% of these businesses believe they are safe because they have antivirus software.

We all need to get with the programme.  Cyber-attacks are becoming so sophisticated and clever that not even the biggest of organisations are totally safe.  But there is a lot we can do to give ourselves a good level of protection.

There are several basic steps which we can take and will provide a really good level of protection:

But I’m in the cloud so I’m safe runs the argument.  Indeed, but all the cloud is, is another computer somewhere else.  You need to know what their security policies are so you feel your data are safe.

MFA is a method which, when you log on and put in your password, a separate message, such as a PIN sent to your mobile phone is generated.  If a hacker has your credentials and/or the laptop you left on the train, they can’t get in because they need the PIN which you have.  It’s as close to a silver bullet as you will get.

This has just scratched the surface of security issues.  Take it seriously and you will sleep a lot better if you know your business has a good level of protection.

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