Tax Consulting & Optimisation

Improve your business with our guidance

Minimise the risk to your business by making informed and considered decisions.

Tax impacts every area and transaction a business makes. For this reason it is important to ensure you receive the most up-to-date and clear advice on how a transaction may impact your tax position.

Our team of tax specialists are here to provide you with their expert and insightful solutions tailored to your business and your unique circumstances.

Strangely, we know and love income tax law!

Our team of experts can help you with these areas:

Help with keeping on top of your tax position

Traditionally big corporates have the luxury of employing in-house tax managers to help them keep on top of their tax needs. Having a smaller business doesn’t mean you miss out on this expertise. By partnering with Venta Belgarum Associates, we’ll help you stay on the right path towards financial freedom and success. We do this by helping you to plan for and include tax consequences in your key decision making.

More than just numbers and dates…

We don’t simply point out the tax bill and tell you the key dates for the year, we serve as your trusted tax advisor who continues to look for ways to optimise your tax position both now and in the future.

Save Time By Hiring Tax Experts

We consider annual compliance to be nothing more than “red tape” and a “checkbox” item which needs to be completed at the end of each year. With our expert assistance, we’ll help you to optimise your tax position and ensure you save money, leaving you free to focus on the areas you want to focus on.

Tax Optimisation Strategy Service

Preparing and lodging tax returns each year is a time-consuming (not to mention boring!) task. That being said, it’s important to stay compliant. Partner with us at Venta Belgarum Associates and we’ll take the worry and confusion away.

Our team of experts can help you with these “Checkbox” activities:

Nobody likes paying more tax than they have to. By partaking in our Tax Optimisation Strategy Service (yes, we know it shortens to ‘TOSS’, but we all need a laugh sometimes!) our experts can help you to effectively structure your tax obligations to ensure you only pay exactly what you need to and plan for the future.

How does it work? With this simple 4 step process:

1. Provide us with your key information for the year, such as:

  • salary/employment income;
  • interest, dividends and estimated rental profits;
  • any business profits/losses; and
  • any capital gains or losses you expect to make.

From here we’re able to work out your estimated tax liability before we employ any of our optimisation strategies.

2. Next, we discuss with you our strategies to optimise your tax position. Some strategies may relate to you personally and others for your business, we look at everything.

3. Then we provide you with a plain-English report which outlines clearly and concisely your pre and post optimisation position demonstrating exactly how much tax we have been able to help you save.

4. Finally, we give you a step-by-step action plan to help you enact your optimisation strategies before June 30.